Google Adds

Google Ads

Get Results that matter to you.

Google Ads helps you market your business. It creates ads that live in the digital space. They specifically target certain audiences and helps refine your marketing strategy. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating Google Ads.

1. Goals

What is that you want to do. I mean besides get more sales. Do you want more phones calls to your physical store location. Drive more people to visit your store. Or increase web traffic to your website. These are all things to keep in mind when creating a Google Ad.

2. Message

Create a message based on your goals. What do you want customers to know. Are you a new business just trying to spread the word. Are you an existing business with a promotional ad. Or even just a seasonal ad. 50% off during the Christmas holiday’s. All of these matter. 

3. Keywords

I say this all the time keywords. Keywords lets you advertise to specific audience. I do web design and hosting. So, I want to make sure I advertise to business using keywords such as: web design, web hosting, SEO, small business, ect… It helps put me and my business in front of people who will use my services.

4. Location

Location is also very important. As a business you want to advertise to people who can actually use your services. If you own a clothing store with no online presence. It does you no good to post ads to people who live in Texas. They will never be able to buy your product. Make sure you are selecting the right location. 

5. Budget

Lastly is budget. Decide how much you want to pay. Google has projected estimates per day. Also, exactly how many clicks to your website or phone calls to your business. It is a month to month basis so never pay more than you need.  


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is not just one thing but a bunch of different components working together. Like a well rehearsed symphony. 

1. Client Requirements

First thing that we need to know is what audience you are trying to reach and what industry you are in.

Who are you top competitors and how are they doing business.

2. Keyword Searches

What key words do people use to find your business. This needs to change and reflect the times.

As industries change so do keywords you need to make sure that your website always reflects the changing of industries.

3. Website Optimization

This is important because minor variations of a Google search can bring back varying results.

For example someone searches for a cleaning company what words do they use. Sanitation services, maids, softwashing, interior, exterior, ect… All these searches can bring back different results. We want each keyword that is associated with your business to bring it up in a search result.

4. Reporting

Reporting helps give you the demographics of your users. It also keeps track of all the web traffic coming through. Who is visiting the site and where they are coming from. If it is social media what platform (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, ect..). So, you can market and focus on the platform giving you the most business. What city and state is the traffic coming from which is important because we want your site to reach the people you are able to do business with.

I personally use Google analytics but I also use a great marketing company the Lead Leader

5. Mobile Responsive

Another way SEO is affected is whether or not your site is mobile responsive. All my sites are mobile responsive and help with SEO.

6. Crawling and Indexing

Crawling is how Google looks through the internet and sees all the different places your business is listed. They’re known as internet spiders and they follow all the links associated with websites. So, all the information on all pages needs to be the same. Google know it is more creditable and moves you up on the list. For example everywhere you advertise your business should have exactly the same information. Same address, phone number, email, ect…

Indexing is how the pages are saved after the crawling process.

7. Content Writing

Not all content is created equal. You want to create original content. You want to stay away from plugins or addons that writes content for you. They can be considered as spam and you can actually be blocked from certain areas. I always create all my own content.

8. Link Building

Having links on your website is a good thing most of the time. Like content writing you don’t want links that are considered spam. So, making sure you have good quality links on your site. Helps move you up on the Google search.

Websitemuse web design and hosting. Marketing the leader post

Marketing: The Lead Leader

Websitemuse web design and web hosting marketing the lead leader

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics help you keep track of all the web traffic going through your website. It is a powerful tool that helps in a number of ways. It can be used to help with SEO, reporting, and digital marketing.

SEO: it tells you what keywords people are searching for to get to your site. Whether or not they are organic searches. paid searches. It also lets you know where traffic is coming from links, social media.

Reporting: It has a number of reports and graphs you can look at. It also allows you to drill down in great detail giving you the edge in a competitive market.

Digital Marketing: Google Analytics tells you the demography of your users. Whether they are male or female. What age groups are seeing your site. What city and states are visiting your site. It allows your to create a successful marketing strategy.

The Lead Leader

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