Google Adds

Google Ads

Get Results that matter to you.

Google Ads helps you market your business. It creates ads that live in the digital space. They specifically target certain audiences and helps refine your marketing strategy. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating Google Ads.

1. Goals

What is that you want to do. I mean besides get more sales. Do you want more phones calls to your physical store location. Drive more people to visit your store. Or increase web traffic to your website. These are all things to keep in mind when creating a Google Ad.

2. Message

Create a message based on your goals. What do you want customers to know. Are you a new business just trying to spread the word. Are you an existing business with a promotional ad. Or even just a seasonal ad. 50% off during the Christmas holiday’s. All of these matter. 

3. Keywords

I say this all the time keywords. Keywords lets you advertise to specific audience. I do web design and hosting. So, I want to make sure I advertise to business using keywords such as: web design, web hosting, SEO, small business, ect… It helps put me and my business in front of people who will use my services.

4. Location

Location is also very important. As a business you want to advertise to people who can actually use your services. If you own a clothing store with no online presence. It does you no good to post ads to people who live in Texas. They will never be able to buy your product. Make sure you are selecting the right location. 

5. Budget

Lastly is budget. Decide how much you want to pay. Google has projected estimates per day. Also, exactly how many clicks to your website or phone calls to your business. It is a month to month basis so never pay more than you need.  

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